The New Jim Crow, The Supreme Court, and Ferguson

For those of you that have read the remarkable book “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, it will come of no surprise that African Americans are harmed long term by our mass incarceration system.

This issue was brought back into focus over the last weeks with the events in Ferguson, Mo.. with the death of Michael Brown. In addition, today’s New York Times had an op-ed suggesting that “the officer who shot Michael Brown and the City of Ferguson will most likely never be held accountable in court.”
The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has made iy harder for victims of abuse to seek justice ruling that police have the ability to shoot where there is a”grave public risk” and made it difficult to sue local authorities because of “prosecutors misconduct” in the event evidence is withheld, and municipal officials (i.e. police) have immunity. Thus, the litmus test for police is that “reasonable police” agree shooting is in self defense.

We will watch the events as they unfold, but the legal environment  and SCOTUS in particular, have a poor record on restoring confidence in the police and trust in the judicial system.

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