The NA Joins Crowdfunding of New Anti Homophobia Documentary

The NABWMT is providing funding to a UK based videographer Daniel Law to produce a documentary on the homophobia in Uganda. This is in keeping with our support of such work as pioneered by NA Director Kirk Gile and others.
NA Director Pat Carron sent the following to Daniel:

“Dear Daniel,

On behalf of NABWMT, we are pleased to support your documentary on Evangelicals and Uganda’s Anti-Gay law.  Your investigation of Mr. Shinners is very important and quite impressive. Like you, we have been following the influence of evangelical pastors, like Scott Lively, on Uganda for some time now. Thus, we are very happy to contribute to your project and we encourage you to continue on!

As an organization, we have numerous local chapters of Black and White Men Together and Men of All Colors Together across the United States. We have over 11,000 interested people following our Facebook page with discussions about Uganda. Our website ( has published our statement on African Homophobia, with a reference to evangelicals, their dirty work, and their tax-exempt status. We are a kindred spirit to your efforts.

We would love to interact with you because we have so many questions like:
When will the film be complete and how many minutes will it be?
Have you produced other documentaries before?
Can we assist in promoting your film and efforts here in the U.S.? We would love to screen your film to our members through our national convention and local chapters.
When is your next trip to Uganda?
How will NABWMT be mentioned as a supporter of your project?

I hope we can build a collaborative partnership regarding your project.
We think this work is very crucial!


Patrick Carron
Board of Directors, NABWMT”

Daniel acknowledged this in his response below 

Daniel Law 


Mark P. Behar, PA-C 

“Thank you so much for your support and kind donation. I hope to have the film finished by May at the latest, but sooner if I can raise the funds. I currently plan for the documentary to be around the 90 minute mark. This is my first documentary, but I do have a number of experienced filmmakers to turn to for advice where needed. I would be very grateful if you could assist in promoting the film in the U.S and screening it to your members. I hope to return to Uganda for additional filming as soon as possible. Ideally in the next few weeks if I can secure the funds. I will thank your organization in the credits for your support and kind donation.

While there is much publicity regarding US evangelicals like Scott Lively, there are many in the UK who fly under the radar. I plan to show that it is not just pastors from the US spreading this hatred and that this is an international problem. The Charity Commission in the UK had been deemed “not fit for purpose” by MPs and despite numerous complaints has allowed Shinners to retain his tax-free charity status despite a clear breach of their rules. Another UK preacher, Jacqui Green, from the UK just attended Bishop Kiganda’s anti-gay new year’s rally despite me bringing it to her attention in advance and pressure from numerous groups/newspapers. Paul Shinners is again in Africa spreading his dangerous lies and propaganda as we speak.

If you could reach out to your members or affiliated groups in whatever ways you can and ask them to also contribute to this project then it can be completed sooner and hopefully preempt the passage of the new anti-gay bill in Uganda.

Any further help and support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again,


For Further questions and comments please contact Pat Carron (