The Law and People of Color Gabfest

Last night the chapter had a great Gabfest on the topic of Legislation affecting people of color at the US  border*, California and the Nation.

Slides were presented that tackled these three subjects and offered the prognoses for the outcome of these laws.

The first topic which brought out a lot of discussion involved the current surge of undocumented chidden from Central America (57,000 of them) that have overwhelmed the judicial system in the southern borders. These recent developments cast doubt on the chance of fundamental reform over the next years,

The second topic looked at the militarization of our police forces brought about in part by the Department of Defense program to make available surplus equipment and arms to these authorities. Discussion led to the general opinion that pending legislation is unlikely to be brought up in the US House of Representatives soon.

On a more optimistic note, enthusiasm was shown for the success of a law in California to roll back sentences of some minor misdemeanors to lower the incidence of jailing of minorities.

The Black and White Men Together of Southern California’s rap sessions (Gabfests) are one of it’s banner events highlighting current events and issues. See our calendar for details.

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