Resources for White folks to help “Black Lives Matter” Part I

This is a series of articles to help white people work to work against structural inequality. This is inspired by the writings and workshops of Chris Crass*.

When white people call for racial dialog, with the best of intentions, this can undermine Black rage and can serve to ease white guilt and hides the problems and solutions. White activists should stay in discomfort and listen to Black Voices.

“Black Lives Matter” is not a fight against whose lives matter equally or most, but a fight against structural rules and violence leading to premature deaths in the Black community.

As a white person I try to be not just aware of white privilege, but bring other white people into movements that bring down white supremacy. It may be futile to “convert” doggedly racist people, rather we must focus energy on people who are moveable to act.

When I became a participant in activities of people of color talking of racism I learned and grew at a faster pace than just being aware of injustice. When I married a gay, black man I learned fast about micro- aggressions (see a later blog).

I know white people often feel defensive in conversations about race but you can’t organize white people with guilt but with love and knowledge that they can get past this. People of color and their fights can be an inspiration for white folks. Transition from guilt to helping build multiracial movements. This is what the NA does and NA white men should do individually. We need to stand on the right side of history!

Start by remembering our white heroes that have plowed the way like Dr. Gerry Mallon and Dr. Paul Hawkins.

Chris Crass “Towards the Other America” Chalice Press 2015

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