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After 40 years in L.A. schools, this outspoken teacher gives the LAUSD his final grade At 10:30 a.m., when all his 10th-grade AP history students had taken their seats, Jeff Horton took care of one last detail before stepping to the front of the class. He pulled on...


Gabfest: 6/18/2016 So what’s up with reparations?  Well…imagine you worked for a company for a long time and then found out they hadn’t paid you what you should have received.  What would you do?  Probably sue them for back pay, right?  Now imagine you worked for...

“Black Crime” revisited

African Americans have disproportionately been victums of a punitive society and legal system. Did Blacks Really Endorse the 1994 Crime Bill. Here in California I was involved in The initiative called Proposition 47 which was passed to classify “non-serious,...

podcast (ˈpɒdˌkɑːst) n

1. an audio file similar to a radio broadcast, which can be downloaded and listened to on a computer, mp3 player, mobile phone, etc

vb, -casts, -casting, -cast or -casted

2.  to create such files and make them available for downloading
3.   to make (music, interviews, etc) available using this format
[from i(Pod) + broad(cast)]



To send a message to a mailing list or newsgroup. Usually implies that the message is sent indiscriminately to multiple users, in contrast to “mail” which implies one or more deliberately selected individual recipients.