Podcast-Racism in LGBT


The LGBT community endorses — marriage equality for all — perhaps the next major issue to address: LGBT representation has been dominated by cisgender gay white men.
Gay black men like my husband experience racism as a “double-minority” in stores, clubs, and work. Our “Gayborhood” includes West Hollywood but is bereft of black and queer folks,

In the Huffington Post Ernest Owens looked at the problem that people of color are often portrayed as drag-ballroom performers or hyper-sexual eye-candy.

He goes on to say: “take the fight for marriage equality for example, where have people of color been individually called on to take up that fight? Who sets that agenda? And where are LGBT allies when it comes to the racial injustices we face outside of queer politics. When other human rights groups were at Ferguson or Baltimore — many LGBT organizations said nothing about the queer people of color who might have been afflicted”.

Yes, the black community has homophobic views. But the current LGBT movement lacks recognizing variety and sympathy for people of color in general. And this does NOT distract from other social causes we are trying to achieve.

As the Supreme Court consiiders marriage equality and perhaps ends the fight we should move on to the next LGBT movement which ismore diverse and colorful.

Because the constant recycling of Dan Savage and many other white, cisgender men like him turns off aspiring LGBT members of color to come out and align themselves within the movement.

That means more queer events fundraising not for white queer but, for example, black transgender atrocities or the “Undocuqueer” people of color denied citizenship.

As Owens says “It’s time to start addressing the racial setbacks in the current LGBT movement. If we don’t now, we are never going to obtain that pot of gold equality on the other side of the diverse rainbow”.



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