Pan African Film Festival Day Two

africaContributed by Jeff Horton BWMTSC Co Chair

I just got home from seeing “October 1,” a Nigerian crime thriller that takes place on the days leading up to independence in 1960. It was a wonderful film: very exciting with a clear political background. The film is about a serial killer in a small town and it presents a vivid portrait of the country, including the mixture of ethnic groups, religions, and social classes as the colonial masters prepare to depart. I really enjoyed it, and the director was there afterwards to answer questions which was also interesting.

He announced that Netflix would begin offering the film on March 1. There was quite a big crowd for this movie, and the crowd in the hall seemed to be staying for the next batch of films also. I’m sure next weekend will build to quite a crowd as the festival ends.

I don’t have anything scheduled until next Sunday (since we have the potluck on Saturday) when I’m really looking forward to “Nzinga Queen of Angola,” (9:35pm) a historical epic about the struggle against Portuguese colonialism, and “Invasion 1897″ (1:45pm) about the British invasion of Benin in which they stole all of the art collection of the King of Benin.

I hope some of you can join me for one of these