Pan African Film Festival Day 3

“Bound” Directed by Peres Owino.
Definitely a great documentary worthy of attention for our chapter and the NA .

This is an in depth analysis of opinions of African American’s on Africans and visa versa. These range from the former’s statements on “poor, uneducated, bare foot” to the latter’s statements on “thugs and lazy.”

Parallels are made between African tribal chiefs who cooperated with exporting of their countrymen to the US slave trade, and the enslavemen of other Africans by imported religious evangelicals and colonial powers.

The movie shows some humorous moments when groups of Africans and African Americans expose their stereotypes of each other.

The end of the documentary shows how the knowledge of African Americans as to their roots leads to the concept of “You can only be free if you know who you are and where you are from” This can be emporing as examples ar given where DNA analysis can lead to powerful self discovery.

All in all, a great effort, hopefully it will become available on DVD!