Friends, Romans, and Countrymen

***(Editors Note: This is from a new contributor to our blogs, Alex. These are selected blogs she has started as a memorial to a friend to spread awareness of LGBT autism and mental illness).

Hello everyone!  My name is Alex.  This blog here is going to be a memorial blog.  It is written to honor the memory of a young lady named Renne, who died far too young.  There was nothing just about her death.  She wasn’t a drunk driver.  She didn’t use heavy drugs.  She just happened to be at a blind intersection, coming home from a friend’s house, when a car ran over her.

This blog is an attempt at making sense of her death, and also why she was so important to me.  It may go in fits and spurts.  I have a lot of material that i’ve already written about her.  There is more coming, but it is still in the editing process.

So welcome aboard.  I hope that someday, we can both make sense of this.


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