Forcing Black Men Out of Society

The local chapter (BWMTSC) last night had another “Gabfest” or rap session with the topic of “White Priviledge” where we discussed covert and overt racism.
This latter topic came back to me a I found an analysis in The Times which showed that more than one in every six black men in the 24-to-54 age group has disappeared from civic life, mainly because they died young or are locked away in prison. in the white population, men and women are about equal in numbers.

This leads to lower marriage rates, more out-of-wedlock births, poverty for families and less stable communities. We have had 200 years of real and “virtual” slavery followed by the collapse of the manufacturing and industrial centers, the “war on drugs” and mass imprisonment, beginning in the 1970s.

Millions more are shut out of society, because of the shrinking labor market for low-skilled workers, racial discrimination or sanctions that prevent millions who have criminal convictions from getting all kinds of jobs. All black men and boys now have to fight the presumption of criminality from police, schools, and on the job.

In education, this starts very early in life sine black children are far more likely to be suspended from school — even from preschool — than white children. Later in life, criminal convictions for black men seeking employment were virtually impossible to overcome because convictions reinforced powerful, longstanding stereotypes. And still later, unarmed black men and boys are shot dead by the police show how the presumption of criminality, poverty and social isolation threatens lives every day in all corners of this country.