Elections are on us

t looks like the election primary season is upon us and at the NA, based on our tax status, we cannot talk about the candidates but can talk about the issues. And the issues that have kept us together are, amongst others, racism and homophobia.

Health survey of Blacks shows surprises

This is a podcast of a health survey showing African Americans may have some better health outcomes On most health measures, blacks fare much worse than whites — differences that have largely been attributed to socioeconomic factors, access to healthcare and discrimination by doctors in the treatments they prescribe. But if there were a health […]

Anti Immigrant Rhetoric Builds Up

Podcast: Latinos under attack There has been an upsurge of rhetoric against latinos, particularly in this season of political debates. Yet again, people at the margin are demonized and meant to feel unwelcome. BWMTSC and NABWMT stands against such attacks as racism.