SCOTUS, Deportation, and Jobs

This blog covers two important topics, SCOTUS and Jobs. First, the Supreme Court took up the divisive political issue of immigration agreeing to rule by June on the Obama administration’s stalled plan to defer deportation of more than four million illegal immigrants. The justices also asked the parties to address whether President Barack Obama violated […]

Anti Immigrant Rhetoric Builds Up

Podcast: Latinos under attack There has been an upsurge of rhetoric against latinos, particularly in this season of political debates. Yet again, people at the margin are demonized and meant to feel unwelcome. BWMTSC and NABWMT stands against such attacks as racism.

Immigration Reform Part 2 : LGBT Immigrants

So far, so good. President Obama has given opportunity to immigrants to “come out” (see earlier blog), but how about those that have to come out as immigrants and queer? As a gay man and a first generation immigrant I applaud him. LGBT people who were deported and returned to the US will not have to fear being […]