Friends, Romans, and Countrymen

***(Editors Note: This is from a new contributor to our blogs, Alex. These are selected blogs she has started as a memorial to a friend to spread awareness of LGBT autism and mental illness). January 7, 2016 Hello everyone!  My name is Alex.  This blog here is going to be a memorial blog.  It is […]

Thankyou San Francisco

This city was once called the “Paris of the West” for its corruption and wildness but I am proud of the recent past and current history that San Francisco brings to the HIV/AIDS community and doing much in these issues to write the rules. And let’s not forget San Francisco is the birthplace of our […]

Thank you San Francisco

Thank you San Francisco Some 40 years ago I emigrated from England to the Bay Area of California and witnessed the “Free Love” and “Peace” movements and the rise of San Francisco as a gay city. I was in awe at the excitement, freedom and vibrance of the area to which I owe much. This […]

Transgender Health Discrimination

This is an abstract of a recently published article[*] by the St. John’s Well Child and Family Center of South Los Angeles. Direct quotes are shown as italics. The Well Child and Family Center is a pioneer in serving and hiring transgender people. This article was made available during a BWMTSC [†]chapter meeting. During this moment […]

Health survey of Blacks shows surprises

This is a podcast of a health survey showing African Americans may have some better health outcomes On most health measures, blacks fare much worse than whites — differences that have largely been attributed to socioeconomic factors, access to healthcare and discrimination by doctors in the treatments they prescribe. But if there were a health […]