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Public-Sector Black Jobs

Public-Sector Black Jobs

I was in my local post office and was chating with the counter clerk about the tough times that the postal service employees were haaving and then I saw and article in the New Your Times*
about the demise of the black government jobs.

For millions of black families, working for the government has long provided a dependable pathway to the middle class and a measure of security harder to find in the private sector, particularly for those without college degrees. These include bus driving, teaching school, delivering mail, driving,processing criminal justice and managing large staffs. They are about 30 percent more likely to have a public sector job than non-Hispanic whites, and twice as likely as Hispanics.

Today public sector jobs have been decimated, competition is tougher and the jobs are a lot scarcer. During the recession, though, as tax revenues plunged, federal, state and local governments began shedding jobs which have still not bounced back.

At the same time, Also collective bargaining, like those led by Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, has been weakened. Because blacks hold a disproportionate share of these jobs, relative to their share of the population, the cutbacks hit them harder. Some researchers and union officials also see a racial undercurrent in the campaigns.

These are more examples of the covert and open discrimination against poeople of color. I ask you to consider this when you vote!

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