Update on NA’s Stop African Homophobia

The Southern California Chapter of the NA has invited a gay man from Nigeria to stay and share his experiences with us. His anticipated arrival will be heralded in the noted “Gabfest” series of multimedia events (see http://bwmtsc.org). We anticipate a great attendance and will keep you all posted.

Cultural Update from Jeff

(This is a contribution from the BWMTSC Co Chair, an opera buff) I just want to share a bit about the wonderful music I heard this weekend (even though I have a mountain of papers to grade by Thursday). It started off with an encore presentation of Mozart’s Magic Flute, the Met Live in HD […]

Podcast Friendships-a theme for the new Denver chapter and the NA?

The new Denver chapter founder Robert brought to my attention a good blog (the Mustard Seed) which talked about a great concept that “..friends cultivate creativity, compassion and a sense of belonging. Studies indicate that if you have a best friend at work, you are seven times more likely to thrive in your job. Conversely, a lack of deep lasting friendships has shown negative effects on your health and well-being”.

Podcast on lack of Minority Science Students

Few women and minorities are getting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) degrees, although STEM jobs are multiplying and pay more than many other careers.

This raises the question: Will our future be highly delineated by who does and who doesn’t have a science education (and the resulting higher salary), making for even more entrenched economic inequality by race and gender?

Podcast BWMTSC News

Podcast From the BWMTSC chapter News: This is a special news update and thanks to member Deej for the upgrade to our podcast equipment to use for the chapter and the NABWMT. Also catch up with the latest news from this group