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Podcast on BMI Proposal for the West coast

Ken and Mack Scott Baron have always been a fan of the Bush Mallon Institute for Social Justice since it addresses our core hopes for the elimination of racism and homophobia. We were encouraged by the recent collaboration on the the ” Reflections of A Shattered Mirror Project” and anticipate further great work for the BMISJ

We would like to propose a few ideas that Mack and I develop programs under the auspices of the BMISJ. This should have no impact on the Committee budget and would strive to complement the work you are doing.

Our focus would be concentrated in the West and South West of the US and would use the talents of BWMTSC, MACT PHX and members at large in the area.

In brief, the directions we plan to take involve the communities of Los Angeles and Long Beach and perhaps Phoenix to network our chapters successes in the following areas:

1. The continued online exposure of the BMISJ past present and future work.

2. The “New Jim Crow” challenges to communities of color from the prison-industrial complex

3. The plight of undocumented workers fighting discrimination and racism using skills gained in the Long Beach Immigration Rights Coalition

Subsets of this are the “Undocuqueer” and binational LGBT partners needs

Current networks include (amongst others):

1. The Unitarian Universalist Church with a 100 years of Social Action and active programs related to the above
2. The partner group of MACT PHX: UGIMA (United Gay Informed Men of African Descent)
3. The Center Long Beach

Current resources include (but not limited to):

NA Podcasts
NA Videos
NA Video Histories
BWMTSC “Gabfests”

Mack and Ken Scott Baron
Founders, BWMTSC
Former NA Co Chairs
Developers, MACT PHX

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