Blacks, Police and Stats

So I was reading the Wall Street Journal lsat week and came across an article* “The Myth of Black Lives Matter”, so I took a deep breath and flinched and read on.

It turn out the WSJ was examining the data from a Washington Post article on a book called “The War on Cops”. So the bottom line was that cops were doing great and Black on Black homicides are the problem. I mentioned this to my husband and he immediately said “’s not true, there are less Blacks in society. Not a man to mince words I took his guiding principle and dug into this work.

So there are “Lies, Dam Lies, and Statistics” and the saying goes, no more profound as in this data analysis. So I encourage the NA members and allies to read articles you normally don’t read and dig into them. Yes, you can Facebook your outrage but read a variety of sources.

in 2014, the US Census reported there were 6,095 homicides of Non Hispanic Whites (NHW) people and 5,397 Black homicides, That’s a total of 11,492. So that seems like there are more NHW than Blacks. But, the same Census shows that Blacks are only 12% of the US population. Hence, we should expect only 1,379 Blacks to be killed, which his not the case!

The article goes on to look at the data on police shootings. You may be aware the FBI does not have much if any data in this. So in 2015 the Washington Post went through the data and found that 662 NWH were killed by police versus 258 Blacks. That’s seems true based on the limited data. However using the Census proportion of Blacks (12%) we would predict only 110. So that is proportionately more Blacks.

Not in accord with the “Myths of Black Lives Matter”.

The thrust of this blog is to remind everyone that Black Lives DO Matter because of racial animus and imbalance in police shooting and that we should call for more data on police and communities at the margins.


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