African Americans have much in common with people of color who migrate to the US.

In a recent poll, by Gallup, a slim majority of all Amercans (51%) dont approve of Obama’s immigration executive actions. However, non Hispanic Blacks approve by 68%. Hispanics approve by 64%. This latter group’s support is likely to improve as thousands of people stood in line last Sunday at an information session in Los Angeles offering assessments for undocumented immigrants hoping to establish legal status in the United States.

However, working-class blacks, like
working-class whites, show substantially more support for restrictive
immigration policies in a recent study which shows a a 13% increase in support for
more restrictive laws, compared to middle-class blacks, who show a
similar level of support regardless of their employment situation
vis-à-vis immigrants. This small but significant group is important to reach given that Latino immigrants and African Americans fill complementary roles in the labor market.

As a member of the Long Beach Immigant Rights Coalition I support the view that all people, regardless of immigration status, country of origin, race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or HIV status deserve human rights as well as social and economic justice. Also as a member of the NABWMT I support our policies to fight racism.

Our Hispanics brothers and sisters are
becoming additional targets of discrimination and racial profiling that occured to African Americans recently in Fergusson and Staten Island. 

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