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We have been building this social group with activists roots and a proud history of fighting Racism and Homophobia


MAY 28th: Gabfest “REPARATIONS” 

So what’s up with reparations?  Well…imagine you worked for a company for a long time and then found out they hadn’t paid you what you should have received.  What would you do?  Probably sue them for back pay, right?  Now imagine you worked for someone for a few hundred years…and got paid NOTHING, despite working hard every day, six days a week, 52 weeks a year.  Wouldn’t you sue for back pay?  That’s what reparations is all about.  African American slaves worked for centuries with no pay (and then worked under Jim Crow for another century at very low pay) and during that time British and American capitalism prospered as it industrialized based on cheap cotton used to make clothes to sell to the world.  And who grew and harvested the cotton?  African American slaves of course.

So now the question is:  Should the descendants of African American slaves be paid some portion of the wages their ancestors were cheated out of through slavery?  We will discuss the politics, morality, and economics of this issue.  We will send out some suggested reading materials to enrich the conversation, but you can get started with Ta’nehisi Coates magisterial Atlantic article “The Case for Reparations” at

Remember: Every Wed, 7:30pm: Long Beach Coffee @ Hot Java’s


A gay, multi-racial, multi-cultural organization for all people. We welcome people of ALL racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

4th Annual West Coast Regional

Black and White Men Together of Southern California & Men of All Colors Phoenix are heading back to Phoenix for 2016 and extending an invitation to members of NABWMT. The event starts Oct 14-16, 2016. Please contact Kelvin McAdory for more detail. or pay below: Note that all rooms are meant for two people, however one person can occupy that room but pay twice the rate.


3 day room cost $270 ($135 per person) or $270 for one person. 2 day room cost $230 ($115 per person) or $230 for one person

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